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Dam Grill & Bar

Our newest space is a casual gathering spot that pairs great river views with festive nautical decor to generate smiles along with breezy relaxation. Enjoy "dam cheap drinks 'n' eats" from Oklahoma Joe's and regular live performances from top bands.

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Thursdays     Fridays        Saturdays        Sundays

5pm-8pm    5pm-9pm    Noon-9pm     Noon-5pm

"Nature’s Wrath Brought Inspiration"


In the early spring of 2019, the powerful forces of nature swept across the heartland to create flooding of epic proportions along the Missouri River basin. A “cyclone bomb” brought torrential rains and snow which hit frozen ground. The flooding that followed was devastating, affecting much of our River City Star facility and wreaking havoc on the Kon-Tiki party barge. It became submerged as the river quickly rose with only the upper part of the 4-story structure peeping out above the water. 


Raging river conditions continued for many days, forcing river critters to seek higher ground. Beavers are a common sight along our shoreline and one drifted our way with its dam to become a fixture on our boarding ramp. With the Kon-Tiki beyond repair and soon to be rendered as salvage, the beaver’s dam needed a more permanent home and we needed a new gathering place on higher ground.


Hence, the DAM GRILL & BAR was born. Welcome to our new adventure in riverfront hospitality!

151 Freedom Park Road

Omaha, NE 68102 USA


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